Website Security & Content Updates

Have Us Manage Your Website

We can take care of the website and content updates for you

Software & Security Updates
Keeping your website updated has many benefits. These include: minimising the risk of hackers finding exploits, allowing you to benefit from the latest features, and keeping your website generally in good health.
Content Changes & Updates
We can add new content for you, ensuring that it perfectly matches the aesthetic of your site and formatted correctly to be responsive. We can take that burden off your hands and make content updates simple.
Website Backups & Monitoring
Monitoring your website gives the opportunity to find problems before your customers do. We will also conduct weekly backups of your website and ensure that your website data is securely stored.

Website Care Pricing

If you require constant updates a subscription may be worthwhile, we also can do one-off updates for you as well

Content Changes

$ 180 /month
  • Content Changes
  • Content Additions

Full Suite

$ 220 /month
  • Software Updates
  • Website Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Content Changes & Additions

Updates & Backups

$ 60 /month
  • Software Updates
  • Website Backups

Subject to the following Terms & Conditions

Complete Website Management Solution

We take the stress out of managing your website

Website Updates

Allocating time to care for your website can be a burden, which is why we provide a site care service that will take care of your website for you. When the need to make changes arises, provide us with a list of changes and we will make the adjustments for you. It's as simple as that!

Behind the scenes we will monitor the health of your website, ensuring it remains up to date, which is good for its performance and health while keeping it secure and removing any vulnerability to hacking.

Another benefit to regularly updating your website is that it will boost your sites search engine performance. Periodically updating content on your website will prevent it from becoming stale over time.

Our website care package includes content alteration and additions, security updates, website and database backups, as well as routine monitoring for issues that may occur, which will be rectified as soon as we become aware of them.

Frequent Updates
We stay in the loop with updates, updating your site once a new update is available.
Fresh Content
We will update provided content on your website, formatting it to look professional.
Uptime Monitoring
If your website is sensitive to downtime, we can monitor for any downtime in real time.
Frequent Backups
If you require backups to your website, we can take backups to ensure no data is lost.
Dont pay constantly to update your site, try our affordable subscription.
No Stress
Know your website is in good hands with professional developers.