Tips In Preparing To Build Your First Website

Tips In Preparing To Build Your First Website

Building a website takes quite a bit of planning. It is important to prepare yourself for the task of writing content for your website prior to engaging a company to build your website. You will need to carefully plan the desired structure of your content and products or services to ensure that you provide a compelling product to your customers. Doing these steps prior to starting a project will ensure that you have a clear idea of what you require, making the job of the developer a little easier.

Structuring Content

This is probably the most difficult area to plan, at least I know it is for me as I am not a naturally talented writer. The content for your website needs to be informative and well written. Keeping a good balance between being simple to read for both humans while also containing relevant information for search engines. Keep your wording simple, so it can cater to a wide variety of users and remains easy to understand for everyone. Keep the following in mind when preparing content for your pages:

Short Sentences

Use short sentences and paragraphs, this will keep your content easy to digest and prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

Avoid Repetition

Sometimes it is easier to fall into this trap than you may believe. Avoid repeating yourself, repetition can occur on the same page or over multiple pages. If repetition is occurring on multiple pages it may be an indication that you need to change the planned structure of your website to keep common topics in the same area.

Sometimes repetition is intentional. People would use this technique to repeat keywords in their content to assist their ranking in search engines. Unfortunately, search engines have advanced their algorithms in recent years in an attempt to remove the cheap and nasty benefits from repetition to create a level playing field for all, search engines now analyse content based on its value to a user. It is best to be natural in your wording.

Use Lists

While it is good to explain your services or products in detail, many people skim text looking for information that is important or relevant to them. Using a list to highlight key points will help customers get the information they need if they are not interested in reading many paragraphs. It is best to use a blend between a paragraph or to, then highlight key points in a list.

Keep the most important information at the top

When writing content for your website, plan carefully how you wish to structure what you wish to convey to your users. Planning in the early stages will ensure that you keep important information at the top of the page where it will increase the chances of the user seeing it.

Do not copy content from another website

Doing this will set you up to fail from the beginning! Using content from another site will very likely harm the performance of your website. Search engine algorithms are very sensitive to plagiarism so it is detrimental that you write the content yourself. Use your knowledge and expertise to write unique content that will set you apart from others.

Use meaningful words

If you are trying to showcase a particular product, make sure you use a variety of words that people may use to describe or identify that product.

If you need some insight on how to start planning for your first website or an upgrade to your website, feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you.